What is Sikhism?


There is often confusion about Sikhism. Many people think that it is part of Islam or Hinduism but it is very much a separate religion. Sikhs originate from the Punjab region of Northern India. It is a peaceful religion. It is thought that around 25 million people are followers of this religion.

Followers of the Sikh religion wear turbans and this is considered to be a symbol of equality and justice. The meaning of the word ‘Sikh’ is ‘learner’. This is a religion that dates back to the 15th century and was founded by Guru Nanak Dev Ji. There is only one God in Sikhism and within this religion men and women are equal.

There are three main principles of Sikhism. The first is that people should pray, the second is to earn an honest living and the third is to share one’s wealth with others. There is no class system within Sikhism. The Sikh God is gender neutral and all activities within Sikh worship are open to women as well as men. Women are not forbidden to carry out any religious function at all and other religions are respected at all times.