What is Christianity?


Based on the teachings of Jesus, Christianity teaches that there is one God, He created the universe, He created Earth, all life on Earth and He created man in His own image. Christians worship God through prayer and true faith in Jesus and what he did to save mankind from their sins.

Who was Jesus?
Jesus is the son of God, also known as Christ (which means the anointed one) or Jesus Christ. Jesus came into the world to save mankind. He fulfilled prophecies laid out in the Old Testament, he died on the cross and rose again. During his lifetime he performed miracles that were witnessed and recorded in the Gospels. His disciples went out into the world to teach others about the ways of the Lord.

The First Humans
God created Adam and Eve and allowed them to live in the paradise known as the Garden of Eden. While given free reign to choose between the right and wrong path, they chose to disobey God. They were expelled from the Garden of Eden. As a result of this original sin, their children, Cain and Abel and every person on Earth since was born with a sinful nature.

The Holy Trinity
God is The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit, not three separate Gods, just one, a trinity. Jesus is the second person in the trinity, being the Son of God.

The Faith
Having faith in Christ is the way to salvation, not by what one does or what one has achieved in their lifetime. If a person becomes ‘born again’ it allows the holy spirit to enter that person, changing that person allowing them to open themselves up to a real relationship with God.