What is Scientology?


A relatively new religion, Scientology gets a lot of bad press as more and more former followers ‘defect’ and report issues of abuse within the system. There are many major Hollywood stars who follow Scientology but what is Scientology all about?

What is Scientology?
Scientology was founded by L Ron Hubbard in 1954, it is a religion that aims for its followers to gain an understanding of one’s own self and their family. It is a precise path that one must follow, and it leads to an understanding of one’s true spiritual nature, of all mankind, of the supreme being and the spiritual universe.

Scientology is not about the mind or body, it is a very spiritual religion and enlightened followers will learn that Man is an immortal spiritual being, his capabilities have no limits and extend beyond this lifetime.

Becoming Enlightened
Scientology offers a very wide range of courses to complete, when the follower completes auditing they become free, they then complete training in order to remain so. Scientologists can work through these courses at their own pace but must work through each course in a specific order. Once completed the follower will then have the skills to deal with life’s problems.