Here’s the Story of Jesus from a Muslim’s Perspective


Ever wondered why some American Muslims celebrate Christmas? It is because of two main reasons – cultural pressure and the little fact that Jesus is an important Islam figure.

First off, Muslims believe Jesus was a prophet, not the son of God. They also think he was not crucified, and that’s where things get juicy.

Here is the Muslim version of Jesus Christ and his role in bringing God’s message to earthlings.

His Parents

Mary, also known as Maryam, is the biological parent of Jesus. And she is the only woman who is mentioned by name in the entire Quran. All other women are associated with their husbands or social status. Good examples of this situation include the wife of Adam, mother of Moses, and Queen Sheba. That’s how you know that being the mother of Jesus is a big deal.

His Mission

Muslims believe that Jesus performed the miracles people say he did. The Quran features some of these miracles, including breathing life into clay birds, raising the dead, and healing the sick. But this does not mean he is the son of God. Muslims believe he is a creation, just like the rest of us. The only difference is that he had a special connection to the unseen world, making him a prophet. A devote Muslim will always say” peace be upon him” every time they mention Jesus in a conversation.

His Death

According to Islam, Jesus died of natural causes. And here’s how it happened:

God rescued Jesus when he was about to be crucified. He did this by creating an illusion for the prosecutors to work with. In short, the Romans thought they had crucified Jesus, but they didn’t. Muslims believe this is the real story, and Jesus will come back to bring down the antichrist at one point.

Still, a new school of Muslim scholars believes Jesus was indeed crucified, died, and resurrected in the tomb. This was after a series of overwhelming evidence supporting this narrative.