What is Islam?


Islam and Muslim are thought to be two separate religions when it is in fact the same thing. They are both about submission to the word of God with Islam being the act of submission, Muslim being the person participating.

Islam comes from ‘salam’, a word that means peace. Islam itself mean to surrender to the will of God. Islam gives its followers free choice to follow the word of God, but the choice to obey or disobey will determine the next life. The Quran states that mankind was created to worship him, God.

The Prophets of Islam
The prophets of Islam were sent by God to teach mankind how to worship him. Those messengers of God were Adam, Noah, Moses, Jesus, Abraham and Muhammad. The message taken out into the world was that there is one true God, Allah, and followers should worship no other deity.

A Lifestyle
Islam is considered to be a way of life, doing good deeds, having good thoughts and kind words is the way to pleasure God and therefore receive true peace and happiness. Islam is a very peaceful religion, and is the second largest followed religion in the world.